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Thomson Research features current research reports from:

  • More than 450 investment banks, brokerage houses, and independent research firms worldwide. Our Investext database delivers analysis and opinion from the world's top experts whose reports move billions every day.

  • 150 market research firms.  Our market research collection delivers over 600,000 market studies and analysis, providing you with valuable intelligence on virtually every industry and regional market.  The reports represent years of continuous market contact and in-depth primary research.

  • Over 200 trade associations.  With an inside line on an industry's present and future, trade association research reports offer industry-specific statistics, economic indicators, analysis, trends, and forecasts.  
Investext Investment Research

A sample of Investext's
most requested contributors

  • Merrill Lynch
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Smith Barney/Citigroup
  • HSBC
  • Credit Suisse First Boston
  • Deutsche Bank
  • JP Morgan
  • Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein
  • UBS
Market Research

A sample of our most requested market research contributors
  • Aberdeen Group
  • AMR Research
  • Datamonitor
  • eMarketer
  • GartnerGroup
  • IBISWorld
  • IDC
  • Semico Research
  • Summit Strategies
  • Yankee Group